Drama unfolded in Endebess Constituency, Trans Nzoia on Tuesday when police intercepted two lorries suspected to be ferrying voters from the neighbouring country of Uganda.

According to Salesioh Muriithi, the Endebess OCPD, police released a tipoff from a member of the public giving information that the two lorries which came from Bukwo District in Uganda had crossed the border into Kenya.

65 out of the 91 suspects managed to escape from the police with the help of the Endebess MP Robert Pukose who maintained those were his voters and complained of police frustration.

"We stopped the two lorries and that was when the MP, who was escorting the two vehicles, stepped out of his vehicle and opened the doors of the lorries, prompting the Ugandans to escape to different directions. But we managed to arrest 26 who were in another vehicle," Muriithi said.

Pukose engaged Muriithi in a bitter argument and said that was a move by his political opponents through the police to deny his supporters their democratic right to cast their votes.

"The OCPD has been given money to harass my supporters. It is wrong to arrest voters who are genuine Kenyans," Pukose said.

However, Muriithi raised a fundamental question in his defence, wanting to know why the suspects escaped if indeed they were Kenyans and not imported voters.

"If these people are genuine Kenyans, they would not have escaped. The MP knows he has imported voters," Muriithi posed.