Interior PS Karanja Kibicho has assured Kenyans there will be no election-related violence during or after the Tuesday election.

Kibicho said that in a press release on Thursday as he discouraged Kenyans against stocking up on goods and panic relocations ahead of next week’s polls.   

While speaking on a show at a local radio station, Kibicho said there was no cause for alarm as adequate security has been deployed across the country with special attention to traditional and emerging hotspots.    

“There is absolutely no reason for panic as most of the country is green in colour in our potential hotspots map which means there is no cause for alarm. Based on past experiences and other factors, we have been mapping out areas vulnerable to disturbances and have deployed according to the heat maps to ensure every single Kenyan is safe during this period,” Kibicho said. 


Karanja Kibicho. PHOTO/COURTESY

The PS urged Kenyans to ignore scaremongering that is encouraging panic-buying of essential commodities as the government had put in place strategies to ensure peace and freedom of movement of people and goods throughout the electioneering period.   

He attributed the optimism that peace and order will prevail to the fact that there have been early election security preparedness that began over three years ago and reforms in the security sector in the last nine years.   

The reforms include the raising of salaries and allowances for police, chiefs and other members of the National Government Administration Officers (NGAOs) and better kitting and allocation of more and modern relevant equipment.