UDA’s Nairobi Senatorial aspirant Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has said there are some people in her party she cannot vote for.

Wanjiru said that on Monday during an interview at a local radio station.

She emphasised she cannot be part of a team with someone who has questionable character or one without a track record in service delivery.

“Even in my party, there are people I cannot vote for. They all know my stand. If someone has a questionable character or has zero service delivery track record, I Margaret Wanjiru cannot be part of their team,” Wanjiru said.

Wanjiru said integrity, and the proven track record of aspirants should inform the electorate’s decision to elect someone.

She advised voters against reelecting leaders who failed to deliver on their previous promises even though they had the opportunity.

However, Wanjiru unwittingly contradicted her own statement when she said for the sake of others, people need to play party politics and adopt the six-piece voting pattern.

“When people go out and campaign together, the crowd starts looking at the whole team. There could be one or two that they don’t agree with, but for the sake of others we will do party politics,” she said.

Wanjiru also noted the Tuesday, next week election has attracted more Christians who formed the larger part of the undecided votes in the previous elections.

“Most religious people would rather stay at home and pray. But this time it is not the same. People are getting out of the prayer room to the polling station,” the bishop said.

Wanjiru will face it off at the ballot with Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition Senatorial aspirant Edwin Sifuna.