Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives based in Kasarani on Friday saved two thugs from the wrath of an irate mob that was on the verge of lynching them

The criminals had snatched a mobile phone and a handbag from a middle-aged woman who was walking home in the Seasons area in Kasarani.

The helpless woman raised an alarm that caught the attention of boda boda operators who were nearby.

The boda boda operators immediately responded and engaged the criminals who were escaping toward the Hunters area in pursuit.

A few moments later, the two boda boda operators caught up with the thugs a few meters away and seized them in dramatic moves.

The boda boda operators descended on the criminals with a barrage of blows and kicks that landed both on target and off-target, which gave the criminal several injuries and new appearances.

More trouble came in the form of merchants who watched the incident unfold who went and joined the boda boda operators in dispensing instant justice to the criminals.

Luckily for the criminals, a team of DCI officers who were from their routine patrol passed by the scene and rescued them from the wrath of the irate mob.

The detectives retrieved the mobile phone and handbag from the criminals and returned them to the woman from they were stolen.

DCI detectives bundled the criminals into the vehicle and took them to custody where they await to be arraigned in court. 

The police cautioned the public against taking the law into their own hand and instead report the matters.