Former Kiss 100 radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has defended her remarks on the Nairobi Expressway Monday night accident that earned her the wrath of Kenyans On Twitter (KOT).

Mutoko, in a video that has since gone viral across all the social media platforms, stood her ground insisting that having matatus on the Nairobi Expressway is courting trouble.

She said anybody thinking her concern about the passenger service vehicles using the Expressway was only about the PSVs was myopic because according to her it was because of the indiscipline Kenyans are.

Motoko said she had no problem with PSVs being on the expressway although she notes they should only be allowed to use the road if they have been fitted with speed governors.

“I’m going to jump right into the conversation and talk about the myopia of anybody thinking that my concern about PSVs being on the expressway is about the PSVs. It’s about the fact that number one as a people we are disciplined. As Nairobians, we are grossly disciplined and PSVs in Nairobi are massively disciplined… disciplined we are courting trouble,” Mutoko said.

“There’s absolutely no problem with PSVs being on the expressway on condition that their speed Governors are back on. It should be a prerequisite for PSV to have a speed governor on the expressway not just because of the few accidents we have seen and remember I said we are disciplined.”

Mutoko emphasised on self-discipline on the expressway, noting that she has witnessed motorists moving at speeds bordering 140kph on the expressway, which could be catastrophic in the event of an accident.

The vocal media personality refused to back down from her stand that allowing PSVs on the Nairobi Expressway was courting trouble.

“You will not get me to back down on one thing, having PSVs on the expressway without insisting that they have speed governors is courting trouble,” she emphasised.

Mutoko urged users of the expressway to slow down because they already have significantly cut the time and distance they would have otherwise taken if they used the normal road.

“Here’s my question to you. From the time you get onto the expressway, you’ve already saved almost half an hour to an hour. What’s the haste for? Where are you going? Even if you get onto the expressway to ABC and your final destination is Mlolongo. Travelling at 80 or 90, you’re still going to be there in 15 minutes, which means the same distance on the normal Highway would have taken you what an hour? You are still doing it in 15. What’s your problem? Slow down,” Mutoko cautioned.

Mutoko also proposed punitive measures against any motorists violating rules on the expressway because, according to her, Kenyans cannot be trusted to behave appropriately.

“I hope somebody today is working on punitive fines for the expressway. I hope those fines look like Sh20,000, Sh10,000 because we can’t be trusted to behave. We can’t I’ll say this again, as Kenyans we are disciplined. Narobians, grossly indisciplined on the roads and we can’t be trusted on the expressway we already, proved it,” Mutoko said.

“I don’t know how many times Mlolongo is going to have to be built and rebuilt and in this country and in this city, PSVs we are waiting for the day when a vehicle will fall off the expressway to learn. Mark my words, stop giving me nonsense when I say we’re quoting trouble. We are and, you know I’m right shame on you for making this about anything but lives. This is about life.”

Incidentally, another matatu overturned on Wednesday morning at the Westlands entrance to the Nairobi Expressway and that somehow serves to back Mutoko’s point.