The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition leaders led by the outfits presidential candidates Raila Odinga and Martha Karua have appealed to the people of Mount Kenya to return the favour Raila once gave the late retired president Mwai Kibaki when he declared 'Kibaki Tosha'.

The leaders were speaking in Nyeri town on Tuesday during a vote hunting mission that took them to the Mount Kenya region.

They appealed to the voters to repay the 2002 political debt that accelerated Kibaki’s presidential bid and ensured a clear win in the election.

While speaking to the residents of Othaya where Kibaki hailed from, Karua reminded them that Raila declared ''Kibaki Tosha' to the excitement of everyone, but now it was his turn to be declared ‘Tosha’.

“He said ‘Kibaki Tosha’ and we were all happy. Now here is that man asking for our votes,” Karua said.

The former premier also urged the area residents to reciprocate the favour and repay the political debt on behalf of the late Kibaki.

“Will you reciprocate on behalf of the late Kibaki?” Raila posed.

Raila asked the people of Nyeri to come out in large numbers on August 9 and vote for him.