Nominated MP David Sankok has announced his retirement from active politics a month ahead of the August general election.

Sankok announced his retirement while speaking in an interview on a local radio station where he revealed he is not seeking any elective seat in the August general election.

David Ole Sankok. PHOTO/TWITTER

He intimated he would like to focus on his personal businesses and the decision was his personal decision.

"The issue of contesting is a personal decision. I decided this time round not to seek any elective position. I need to focus on my businesses," Sankok said.

Sankok said he has been fighting got the rights of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)from a tender age which he claims has denied him the opportunity to focus and expand his businesses.

Even though he is retiring from politics, Sankok has pledged to continue fighting for the rights PWDs noting that he has done his best during his time as an MP and was always on time to raise issues of PWDs.

"If you've followed debates in Parliament, you've probably noticed that I always arrive on time for debates because I don't want anything to go by without me bringing up the issue of persons with disabilities," Sankok said.

Sankok also said five years was a time long enough in leadership to implement the ideas he did and it was time to pass the mantle to other leaders to continue with the work.

“Five years is long enough in leadership for me to implement the ideas that I have. It is time to give room for other leaders to bring in fresh ideas. I have performed my level best and almost exhausted my ideas,” he said.

David Ole Sankok. PHOTO/TWITTER

Apparently, sometime in October 2019, Sankok said he would retire from active politics at the end of his five-year term, which ends this year.

Since the loss of his son Memusi under unclear circumstances at his Ewaso Ngiro home in Narok County, Sankok has not been seen in many political events.