A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) operation in Sarira and Kolbio areas in the Boni Forest in Lamu has culminated in the death of 10 members of the outlawed terrorist group known as Al Shabaab.

According to a statement issued by the KDF, the operation was carried out on Friday and resulted in the death of the 10 newly graduated Al Shabaab operatives and the injury of others who managed to escape.

“On 01 July 2022, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops carried out an operation between Sarira and Kolbio areas within the expansive Boni Forest,” the statement read.

“During the operation, ten newly graduated Al Shabaab terrorists were killed as others escaped with multiple injuries.”

The KDF officers recovered one Rocket-Propelled Grenade launcher (RPG), several assault weapons, assorted ammunition, and personal effects.

In the same statement, KDF also revealed the militants are part of the Jeysh Ayman team led by Maalim Ayman who had planned to carry out attacks within the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor.

The KDF also said its troops will continue active operations along the Kenya-Somalia border in the fight against the terrorist group.

“KDF troops continue with operations along the Kenya-Somalia border, along with other security agencies and support from local residents, to pacify the area in a bid to get rid of Al Shabaab terrorists,” the KDF statement read.