Kileleshwa police have nabbed an armed robber who is believed to have been terrorising members of the upmarket Kilimani suburbs on Saturday evening.

The arrest followed a tip-off about a planned robber from concerned members of the public and swift action by the police officers who arrived at the scene of the crime in time to foil an attack the criminal and his accomplice staged against two businessmen.

Police cornered the two criminals atop their getaway motorcycle along Laikipia Road in Kilimani and ordered them to surrender immediately.

However, the criminals defied the police order, jumped off their motorcycle and scampered in different directions, prompting a chase with police on the hot pursuit of the criminals.

A few moments into the chase, one officer tackled the criminal to the ground in one sweep, sending him sprawling to the ground face-first.

The officer immediately arrested the thug, cuffed him and led him away to the police station.

Little did they know that an irate mob comprising boda boda riders was also in pursuit.

The mob descended on the criminal with blows and kicks that threatened to rearrange the criminal’s facial topography permanently.

The thug begged for his life from the irate mob and forgiveness before reinforcements to the arresting officer arrived and controlled the volatile situation.

Police recovered a homemade pistol from the criminal and identified him as Eric Musungu who stays in Kawangware 46.

Musungu was booked in police custody pending arraignment in court on Monday.

Meanwhile, efforts to arrest Musungu’s accomplice are underway as police have launched a serious manhunt for him.