One person has been confirmed dead and scores of others injured following a grisly accident that occurred at the Nairobi Expressway Mlolongo Toll Station.

Athi River base commander Agnes Makau confirmed the incident and the demise of the victim.

The Kenya National Highways Authority KeNHA has also confirmed the incident that took place on Saturday night after a motorist who was approaching the toll station at high speed rammed into a toll booth and also ran over vehicles that were getting cleared to exit the Expressway.

“An accident has occurred at the Nairobi Expressway Mlolongo Toll Station involving a motorist who was driving at high speed approaching the exit. The motorist crashed into the Toll Plaza and ran over other vehicles that were being cleared to exit,” KeNHA said in a statement.

According to the KeNHA statement, one toll station attendant was injured in during the accident and other motorists were rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The affected exit booth has been since been closed and the Nairobi Expressway has expressed its commitment to providing a safe and reliable toll road service.

The company assured the assure the public that they are putting measures in place to avert such unfortunate incidents from occurring as they advised motorists against overspeeding.

This happens to be the first serious accident involving many cars on the Nairobi Expressway since it was open to the public.

According to a manual by the authorities on causing damages to the Nairobi Expressway may attract hefty fines between Sh1.32 and Sh1.8 million for damaging the toll booth.

Destroying the camera installed in the toll collection plaza will cost a motorist over 600,000 shillings in fines.

The speed limit on the Nairobi Expressway was prescribed at 80km/h