Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has blasted the Kenya Kwanza alliance headed by Deputy President William Ruto for ferrying supporters to various political rallies in the region.

Kuria, who was speaking to Citizen Tv, accused Kenya Kwanza top leadership of belittling and sidelining political parties from the Mt Kenya region during its political rallies.

This comes as the alliance has been rocked by internal divisions with Kuria of Chama Cha Kazi and William Kabogo of Tujibebe Wakenya accusing UDA of frustrating smaller parties from the region.

He said the sidelining of smaller parties from Central Kenya is more evident in Kiambu County where the MP is facing off with Kabogo and Kimani Wamatangi of UDA.

Kuria lamented that UDA leaders were ferrying supporters in buses from one rally to another to show popularity but denying the alliance a chance to gauge its real support.

"We are having nine meetings in three constituencies or four constituencies. And then somebody tags along their supporters, their fans. My position is; if I am going for a meeting in Limuru I should go just alone so that I can be able to see whether I,ve got legitimate supporters in Limuru. And that's what I do," Kuria said.

The vocal MP revealed that UDA used tens of buses, lorries and pickups to transport thousands of supporters from one political rally to the next to show the party is popular.

Kuria added, "And the problem is, first of all one, that distorts what I call in my other language ‘market dynamics’ because you don't really get to know whether you've got real supporters on the ground," he lamented.