Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has defended his decision to switch camps from President Uhuru Kenyatta to Deputy President William Ruto just over one year to the general election. 

Mwaura told Sunday Nation that he had made the move to back Ruto, who had been strongly bashing over the years, so to save his political career.

The legislator had been viciously criticizing the DP of sabotaging President Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda and other development initiatives and instead being obsessed with his presidential bid.

But Mwaura now says his move to Ruto’s camp was as a result of listening to the grassroots in Kenyatta’s Mt Kenya region that he says is now solidly behind Ruto’s quest to replace his boss.

“By the end of the day these things you do not do them because of anybody, you do them because of your own personal survival. My ears are on the ground and the ground is supporting Mr Ruto,” Mwaura was quoted as saying by Sunday Nation.

The nominated senator said he was honouring the pledge by his Jubilee Party that Kenyatta would be president for 10 years then back Ruto to serve two five-year terms. 

Isaac Mwaura and DP's son Nick Ruto. PHOTO/COURTESY

Mwaura was nominated to the Senate by President Kenyatta after he lost in the Jubilee Party primaries ahead of the 2017 General Election to current Ruiru Constituency MP Simon King’ara.

The outspoken MP parted ways with Raila Odinga’s ODM party ahead of the last poll and joined Jubilee to run for MP in Ruiru and turned from one of Raila’s strongest supporter to bitter critic.

Kenyatta and Ruto have morphed from holding hands and matching ties in public to bitter rivals  leading two rival factions in Jubilee Party, Ruto's Tangatanga and Kenyatta's Kieleweke, as Ruto tries to outsmart his boss who has seemingly changed his mind about supporting his presidential bid.