Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition presidential running mate has said that their administration with Azimio’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga will take care of single mothers.

Karua was speaking at Huruma Grounds in Eldoret where she was received by thousands of Uasin Gishu residents who thronged her rally and were excited to meet her.

She said their administration will economically empower through Raila’s social responsibility program.

The former Gichugu MP affirmed they will prioritise single mothers and their children in Raila’s government.

"Single mothers will be prioritised in Baba's government. Single mothers, are you there? Children of single mothers, are you there?" Karua posed.

"I am one of you, single mothers, and I understand your challenges."

She said nobody will be left behind by Raila's administration including people with disabilities.

"We will leave no one behind. Raila has something for everyone – men, women, children, youth and PWDs. Let’s march together into the promise of a better Kenya," Karua said

Karua also said their administration will prioritise the creation of employment opportunities for millions of jobless youth.

On healthcare matters, Karua said every needy Kenyan will benefit from a free enrolment program in the “Baba Care” Healthcare Plan, which will ensure every Kenyan receives proper and free healthcare.

"This will ensure every Kenyan gets proper health care without incurring any cost," she said.

"We’ll guarantee quality and affordable healthcare for all and roll preventive measures against health emergencies to ensure our people and economy thrive undisrupted."

Karua said people should not wait until their health conditions get worse to seek medical help