Residents of Emusanda village in Kakamega County were treated to a rare spectacle when a man sought divine intervention from a native doctor who lived up to his expectations after his livestock went missing on Tuesday.

Tolbert Imbiaka was left with no choice but to consult the native doctor to reveal the identity of the thieves who stole his livestock and recover his animals.

The native doctor went to Imbiaka’s home and performed some rituals and chanted some incantations at the animal closure shortly before leaving Imbiaka with a solemn promise that the thieves would turn up looking for Imbiaka in two days' time.

True to the native doctor’s promise, three individuals identified as Hillary Momany 22, John Bukhazio 28, and Winston Mutiele 20 showed up in the most astonishing style ever witnessed.

The three men who had been attacked by a swarm of bees emerge carrying the stolen goat and calf on their shoulders while bleating like the animals they carried.

Their hands were swarmed by bees in a manner akin to handcuffs only deadly live ones.

Imbiaka positively identified his livestock and the native doctor “uncuffed” the criminals before handing the apologetic criminals to the police.