The Management of Kisumu City County has banned all political rallies within Kisumu Central Business District and its environs.

Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga in a notice announced the move was made to preserve the city’s aesthetic appearance, which has been threatened by cases of vandalism during political rallies.

“The City Management has been unwearied in its bid to face lift and transform Kisumu City through urban aesthetics. It is with great concern that this process is being threatened by the ongoing political rallies that are being held within the Central Business District and its environs. We have witnessed a lot of cases of vandalism and destruction of public property after the political gatherings,” the notice.

The city’s management said the move was a bit to stop the destruction of public property. 

According to the notice, the City Management will designate areas for political gatherings outside the CBD.s

“This Notice serves to restrict politicians from holding political rallies within the CBD and its environs effective immediately. This is in an attempt to stop the heinous acts of destruction of public property. The City Management shall designate areas for political gatherings outside the CBD,” the notice read.

The management also sounded a warning that the Kisumu City Management will take legal action against anyone who violates the directive.

"Take further Notice that in the event of non-compliance, the City of Kisumu shall itself apprehend the violators and will also institute legal action," the notice read.