Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition presidential running mate Martha Karua has criticised the Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential candidate William Ruto for making empty pledges.

Karua said while speaking to residents of Nakuru on Friday when she took the Azimio campaign to the area.

She questioned Kenya Kwanza’s commitment to fighting corruption, which she termed Kenya’s biggest problem.

Karua said if Kenya Kwanza does not have any plans to fight graft, then their promise to work for the people is empty.

"You cannot say you will work for the people without first assuring them that you will protect their money. If you have no plans to tackle corruption, then those are just empty promises," Karua said.

Karua further challenged their opponents to display the projects they have completed.

"We want to ask our competitors, apart from empty promises, in which village can they show a development project they have achieved?" Karua said.

Karua warned that under the Azimio coalition administration, corruption will not be tolerated and will be tackled without remorse and said it is the only formation committed to ending corruption.

"Only the government of Raila Odinga will be able to tackle corruption in Kenya. Our competitors cannot and will not do that," Karua said.

Karua said the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya ticket packs the best team to lead the country.

Agriculture CS Peter Munya who was present echoed Karua’s sentiments saying Kenya cannot be handed over to individuals who have a tendency to loot from the public coffers. 

Munya said that only Raila and Karua can be trusted with the leadership of this country to prosperity because of their track record.

"The only people we can trust with Kenya are Martha Karua and Raila Odinga. These are true and tested Kenyans who can lead this country to prosperity," Munya said.

Munya warned if the looters are given the opportunity to lead, they will continue crippling the country’s economy.