Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition presidential running Martha Karua has challenged their opponents to match their prayers with their actions.

Karua was speaking on Thursday during the National Prayer Breakfast meeting, which was held at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi.

She said as leaders they heard the message the clergy had for them saying they should remember the constitution acknowledges the supremacy of God. She also said they should remember their values and principles.

Karua expressed her hopes that moving forward after the prayer meeting, their actions will match their words.

“We pray that moving forward and especially after these prayers that our actions match our words,” Karua said.

She urged the political class to shun insults and instead compete ideologically. 

“How we pray especially for us leaders, even as we compete, we compete with ideas not insults. That will lessen the tension in the nation. by the way, we treat one another,” she added.

Karua acknowledged nobody is perfect and prayed for God’s grace and strength to enable them to lead the country to value-driven campaigns and leadership.

“None of us is perfect. We pray for God's grace and strength so that we can be able to lead the nation to value-driven campaigns. Value-driven leadership,” Karua said.

To emphasise her point about action after prayer, she loosely quoted a verse from the Bible and said if prayers are accompanied by actions then apart from the country having a peaceful transition, the nation will also remain united.

“I just want you to remember that somewhere in the Bible…I'm not good in quoting, so don't expect the verse. It is said prayers without action is not real,” Karua said.

“So how I pray that our prayers are matched by our actions. I if we do that we definitely will have peaceful elections, a peaceful transition and a nation that stands together.”

Karua finished her speech by thanking Deputy President William Ruto for inviting her to speak during the event.