Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has come under fire from a section of Kenyans who are disgruntled over remarks he made while campaigning in Khwisero, Kakamega County on Tuesday.

While drumming up support for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance and its presidential candidate William Ruto, Malala said the work of a police officer is only to hold a gun and therefore does not need any education.

"Honourable Musalia, when you form the government, just bring a lorry and let the youth just board without asking for their Form 4 certificates. As long as they have two feet and two hands, let them go work in the National Police Service (NPS)," Malala said.

“The work of the police is only to hold a gun isn’t it? Does that really need any education? Honourable Musalia if someone went through Form 4 and got a C+, let us take them to the university to study. Police work is for these people here who dropped out of school and did not complete school.”

Malala further emphasised that if Kenya Kwanza wins the August election, students who achieve grades above C+ should all be taken to universities instead of being recruited into the (NPS).

He said the NPS should be reserved for school dropouts who were not lucky enough to complete their education.

A section of Kenyans has reacted to Malala’s remarks mostly picking an issue with how he equated police work to limited education.

The following are just but a few reactions of Kenyans who came across Malala’s speech.