A Kenyan motorist lost his superbike to unscrupulous hoodlums within Nairobi’s Central Business District in broad daylight.

According to a video that has since gone viral, the criminals masqueraded as Nairobi City County law enforcement officers.

Trouble started when the motorist who seemed not to be conversant with the traffic flow within the CBD took a wrong turn at the City Hall Way-Simba Street Junction into the wrong side of City Hall Way.

The rider could be heard inquiring from a boda boda rider who was nearby if he had made a wrong turn.

“Hello, is this a one-way road?” the motorist inquired.

The good Samaritan boda boda rider quickly informed him that indeed he was going the wrong way and urged him to leave immediately, being that he has seen the two criminals approaching.

The individuals who were dressed in plain clothes pounced on the superbike rider and impounded his superbike alleging they were City Council ‘askaris’ and he had flouted the traffic rules.

One criminal immediately got hold of the bike’s ignition keys and asked the innocent motorist if he knew the offence he had committed.

He immediately cited bogus charges against the motorist namely getting into town on a motorbike with a pillion passenger and a box.

Three other accomplices joined the first criminal and they ordered the rider to disembark from his superbike after claiming that they had captured his details in a photo and sent it to the relevant authorities online for the ‘offender’ to be booked.

The criminals impounded the motorbike and started walking towards City Hall where they claimed they were headed.

A few paces away from the bike owner, one criminal jumped on the bike and rode away, leaving the victim behind with his accomplices, telling him to follow up with them.

The shocking incident raised the question of citizens’ security and safety within the capital’s CBD.