Musician Kevin Kioko alias Bahati has finally been given the Jubilee Party ticket to vie for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

This comes about a fortnight after Bahati came out weeping during an emotional press briefing in which he alleged the Jubilee party had called him, intending to recall his nomination.

The party’s Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni issued Bahati with the party’s ticket on Friday at the Jubilee Party headquarters.

While issuing Bahati with the ticket, Kioni said the party was happy to have Bahati as a young man 

"We are happy to have Bahati with us as a young person representing everything that you think about this country in terms of…even people who work hard from nowhere,” Kioni said.

Kioni further said everyone had an equal opportunity in Kenya to become whatever they wanted regardless of their backgrounds

“You have an opportunity, an equal opportunity like any other person in this country and within Jubilee. That is why we embrace him even when it was a bit difficult elsewhere and that is why he is here to tell the young people of Kenya that we have them in our thoughts, how can we help them come and make use of the opportunity that comes your way," he added.

Bahati, while accepting his certificate expressed his gratitude at receiving his certificate, noting that there were many hurdles before and confirmed his candidature for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

Bahati and Jeremiah Kioni. PHOTO/TWITTER

“First, I would like to say thank you so much. I have my ticket. You know there were so many issues but just to confirm I have my ticket,” Bahati said.

As the musician-cum-politician expressed his confidence in winning in the Mathare parliamentary race, he thanked the Jubilee party for the opportunity he has been given to run on the party’s ticket.

“I am in the ballot with the Jubilee ticket and I can promise that I am the next member of parliament Mathare, and thank you so much my party Jubilee for the opportunity to run in the Jubilee Party as a member of parliament,” he said.

The obviously jovial young man also joked about the previous presser in which he wept as he thanked the Jubilee party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta for giving him and the youth in the country an opportunity for leadership.

“Secondly, today I am not crying and I would like to thank my party leader the president. You know, I appreciate so much for giving not only Bahati but the youth of this country an opportunity to be leaders and represent our community. I know the people of Mathare are happy and they are also not crying,” Bahati said.

He also thanked the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance Raila Odinga for considering his candidature for the Mathare MP seat although Mathare Constituency was reserved for ODM in Azimio’s zoning arrangement.

Bahati and Jeremiah Kioni. PHOTO/TWITTER

“..and also to thank Baba the 5th for considering…despite there having been the serious matter of zoning you know just considering a young person, the youth of this country and I promise you, the Mathare member of parliament seat definitely go to the Azimio team,” Bahati affirmed.

With that announcement, Bahati is sure to be on the ballot in the August general election.