A 62-seater PSV bus destined for Busia took a dramatic detour to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters on Thursday night after the bus driver suspected that criminals intent on attacking his innocent passengers boarded his bus.

The bus owned by the Kitale Shuttle Company picked its passengers from Machakos Country Bus Station and started the journey at around 11:00 pm.


However, when the bus was negotiating the Globe Cinema roundabout, he noticed there was a pungent smell of bhang coming from the rear end of the bus.

He switched on the lights in the bus to find out what was going on and saw a trail of smoke coming from the backseat of the bus.

Immediately, the driver who intended to take Uhuru Highway through to Waiyaki Way turned into Murang’a Road and proceeded onto Kiambu Road.

According to the officers who were on guard duty at the DCI gate, they heard the noise made by the speeding bus advancing towards the gate from the direction of Muthaiga.

When the bus got to the DCI headquarters, the driver suddenly turned and headed towards the entrance of the DCI headquarters and the officers manning the gate advanced toward the car to establish what the matter was.

The officers learnt from the bus driver that there were weed-smoking passengers inside his bus who did not regard the comfort of the other passengers, including non-smokers, women and children.

A team of officers from the DCI headquarters went in and conducted a thorough search of all the passengers on the bus and recovered bhang from two suspects.

The first suspect identified as Kennedy Mekemi concealed two rolls of weed within the environs of his privates, while the second suspect Lennox Abuoga hid a half-smoked joint in a matchbox.

The officers immediately arrested Mekemi and Abuoga and booked them at the DCI headquarters before releasing the other passengers to proceed with their journey.


They will be arraigned in court and charged with being found in possession of narcotics.

The DCI commended the bus driver’s actions, terming them heroic and said should be emulated by other bus drivers within the public transport sector.