Homicide detectives based at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have unearthed fresh details linking a man named Robinson Musyoki and his wife Rose Muteti (deceased’s stepmother) to the death of their 6-year-old daughter Beverly Mumo Musyoki.

Robinson Musyoki . PHOTO/DCI

This comes after fresh investigations into the case following the elevation of the Homicide Unit to a fully-fledged department within the DCI by the Director-General George Kinoti, and the confirmation of Mr Martin Nyuguto, HSC, as the director.

The suspect parents were arrested on Sunday at Emali in Makueni County after the case had earlier been dismissed as one that was caused by the work of evil supernatural forces.

Musyoki was initially married to one Naomi Kiamba who was Beverly's biological mother.

The detectives learned that prior to their separation, Musyoki and Kiamba were devout Christians who lived happily together.

Musyoki was even a guitarist at their church and Kiamba was a choir member at the African Brotherhood Church in Starehe.

Kiamba recounted that suddenly her dear husband changed and started exhibiting queer characteristics that contradicted their Christian faith.

He moved from being a teetotaller to being a consumer of alcohol and started conducting strange rituals using animal blood.

These behaviours unnerved Kiamba and pushed her to depression leading to the collapse of their marital bliss.

The investigations by the homicide detectives also revealed following the bitter separation of the minor’s parents, a children’s court directed that Musyoki stays with their children for a month between October 29, 2019, to December 5, 2019, before returning them to Kiamba.

Apparently, that was the last time Kiamba would see her little daughter, Beverly, alive. Musyoki did not return the children as per the court’s directives and he stopped picking up her calls altogether.

Little did Kiamba know Musyoki had already moved on, married another woman (Rose Muteti) and moved to an unknown location.

Rose Muteti. PHOTO/DCI

This forced Kiamba to go to court on December 16, 2019, and obtain a warrant of arrest for Musyoki.

The warrant was served to the OCS Industrial Area Police Station, but Musyoki was nowhere to be found until after almost a year, on that fateful day when he called his ex-wife with the devastating news of their daughter’s death.

According to the deceased’s mother Kiamba, her ex-husband Musyoki called her on August 24, 2020, and informed her about their daughter’s sudden death.

Musyoki alleged their daughter died after falling sick and he was en route Montezuma Funeral Home.

Kiamba rushed to Montezuma Funeral Home to be only to be met by the lifeless body of her daughter who had bruises all over.

According to a report prepared by the government pathologist Johnsen Oduor, blunt force trauma caused the minor’s death.

Johansen Oduor. PHOTO/FACEBOOK

The report inferred the child died from her injuries, which were consistent with child abuse.

The detectives have also established that Beverly’s 11-year-old brother who is a key witness in this case had received threats to his life if he revealed what had transpired prior to his sister’s death.

Musyoki and Muteti were arraigned in court on Monday where they faced murder charges.