Residents of Pipeline Estate in Embakasi were shocked after two individuals who were presumed to be lovers were found dead on Monday afternoon in a mysterious incident that left many puzzled.

The two individuals were found half-naked, holding on to each other.

According to the lodging attendant Caroline Mbulwa, she booked in the two lovebirds in the wee hours of Monday morning.

However, Mbulwa sensed something was amiss after the two did not check out of the establishment 14 hours after checking in.

This prompted her to go and find out if all was well but was met with an unusual quiet in the corridors, which was uncharacteristic of the establishment, which normally gives signs of life.

Mbulwa knocked on the door several timed but no response came from the room, leaving her with no other option than to inform her employer who called the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) detectives based in Embakasi.

When the officers arrived at the establishment, they gained entry into the room by means of force, only to be met by the sight of the two middle-aged adults whose identities could not be immediately established.

Forensic Crime Scene investigators processed the scene before giving room to the homicide detectives to continue with their investigations.

Preliminary investigations have pointed to the possibility that the two could have been drugged before getting into the room.