Kenyan hip-hop star Julius Owino alias Juliani has finally spoken out on reports circulating on his alleged appointment as Director Of Entertainment in the Azimio One Kenya coalition.

In his statement on Tuesday, Juliani refuted rthe report saying he had not been appointed to any position by any political formation.

"It has been brought to my attention that there is information circulating online about my appointment as Director of Entertainment in the Azimio - OKA Coalition," Juliani wrote.

Julius Owino alias Juliani. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

"I would like to clarify that this has not been communicated to me formally or otherwise. Therefore would like to confirm that am not employed or affiliated with any political party in Kenya or beyond."

However, he did not completely downplay his involvement in governance matters as he has always championed for social justice  and issues that affect the common 'mwananchi'.

He also extended a hand to any politician who believes in his ideologies and said he was ready to work with anyone as long as they have a clear manifesto and agenda that focuses on sustainable youth empowerment initiatives.

"The above doesn't give me the luxury of distancing myself from issues of governance, particularly in an election year. am willing to join hands with like-minded partners including political parties that have a clear manifesto and agenda FOCUSING PRIMARILY ON SUSTAINABLE YOUTH EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVES," he said.

Julius Owino alias Juliani. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

He also expressed his desire to work with politicians who will address youth unemployment and empowerment, gender equality and the fight against Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

The same partners should also be able to end extrajudicial killings and promote social justice, especially for our young brothers and sisters in the slums and have a clear plan on environmental conservation, while addressing climate change.

Lilian Nganga and Juliani. 

Juliani urged Kenyans to be wise when voting, avoid being trapped by politicians' handouts and vote for leaders who will bring them change.

"I would like to urge my fellow Kenyans to use wisdom and vote for leaders who will bring change and avoid falling into the trap of being blinded by handouts. I would also like to discourage politicians from using our youth for their own selfish gains," Juliani said.

He thanked his fans and all Kenyans for the love they have shown him.