Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto has sparked controversy across social media after claiming that she prayed for her private Karen home’s borehole dirty water and turned it clean.

Rachel narrated her story while she was speaking to clergymen from Evangelical churches who visited the DP’s Karen residence on Wednesday.

She said the family had incurred hefty costs in installing water purifying equipment to make the water clean for domestic consumption, but all efforts bore no fruits since the borehole was drilled in 2003.

“My husband, the Deputy President went into a venture and bought very expensive purifying machines and that is what we have been doing, purifying the water all the time,” Rachel said.

The endeavour became more expensive as time went by because the machines kept breaking down, requiring the DP’s family to invest in others, which did not come cheap.

According to Rachel, the cycle of buying water purifying machines and them breaking down went on until last week when she opted to seek spiritual intervention in the matter.

She wondered if she was worthy enough of God’s grace to pray for the water purification miracle.

“I kept wondering and saying supposing I go pray for this water, is it possible to be purified?” Rachel wondered.

“Am I worthy to go and do what Elisha did just to go pray for this water?”

She narrated that when she visited her home on Wednesday and was armed with a verse from the bible in the book of Kings; she decided to put her faith to test and decreed divine purification of the water from her borehole.

"I went and said ‘this water will never be dirty again and I spread the water around the borehole and I ran back into the house as it was about to rain," the Second Lady said.

The DPs wife told her visitors that she left her residence and returned on Friday and realised some change in the water.

Upon further inquiry, her son confirmed to her that the borehole’s dirty water had turned into clean water.

“The water is now clean, Amen!” declared the Second Lady.