The parliamentary aspirant for Kamukunji Constituency Aliur Mohammed has come out to bemoan and lament the recently concluded nomination exercise.

Alinur who was looking forward to vying for the Kamukunji parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket has complained about being zoned out of the contest following the zoning system in the nomination process.

He took to his social media handles to express his grievances and discontentment with the results of the process.

“Unfortunately, Kamukunji has been zoned for the Jubilee Party, making it impossible for the people of Kamukunji to have the leader of their choice,” Alinur said.

He also revealed that he has been campaigning for the last four years and even went as far as selling his property worth millions to support his campaigns.

Raila Odinga and Alinur Mohammed. PHOTO/TWITTER

“I have been campaigning for the last four years, selling my agenda to the people and doing lots of activities to change lives in Kamukunji Constituency,” he revealed.

“I have sold my property worth millions of shillings and used the money to campaign just to ensure my dream of serving the people comes true.”

Alinur added it was both painful and frustrating apart from the move, posing a threat to democracy.

“This is very painful, this is frustrating and it is a threat to our democracy,” he added.

Alinur is among aspirants who got disappointed by the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition’s nomination process that saw some regions set aside for particular parties, barring other parties from fielding their candidates.