Raila Odinga would cakewalk the presidential election in Nairobi, Makueni and Mombasa Counties if the country went to the polls today.

This is according to an opinion poll conducted by trends and Insights For Africa (TIFA) in April.

The TIFA opinion poll placed Raila ahead of his closest Rival William Ruto by a huge margin in Nairobi County, Mombasa County and Makueni County.

If the country went to poll today, Nairobi would vote for Raila at 41 per cent, Makueni would vote for him at 48 per cent while Makueni would vote for the ODM leader at 50 per cent.

Ruto on the other hand would garner 26 per cent in Nairobi, 18 per cent in Makueni and 32 per cent in Mombasa.

32 per cent of Nairobi residents are undecided on their choices for a presidential candidate while 1 per cent have a preference for other candidates. The remaining 18 per cent of Mombasa residents are undecided.

ODM is the most popular party in Nairobi with 26 per cent following and UDA comes second at 22 per cent while the Jubilee Party comes in third at 5 per cent. Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper party is on the 2 per cent mark. 

44 per cent of Nairobi residents are undecided on their choice of party.

In Nairobi, Makueni and Mombasa, The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition party is the most popular political party with 45 per cent in Nairobi, 62 per cent in Mombasa and 41 per cent in Makueni.

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance has 22 per cent following in Nairobi, 27 per cent in Mombasa and 13 per cent in Makueni.

36 per cent in Nairobi, 32 per cent in Mombasa and 24 per cent in Makueni are yet to make up their minds about the political coalition they would want to identify with.

According to the polls, the Wiper party is the most popular party in Makueni at 43 per cent followed by the UDA party at 17 per cent while the ODM party enjoys a 10 per cent following.

5 per cent of Makueni residents support other parties while 25 per cent of them remain undecided.

In Mombasa County, ODM commands a 36 per cent following and UDA has 23 per cent while Jubilee and Wiper parties both enjoy 2 per cent each. 

Other political parties in Mombasa share a 2 per cent following in Mombasa, while 35 per cent of voters in Mombasa are still undecided on which political parties they support.