A 26-year-old man has been arrested in Ndeiya, Kiambu County for the murder of his 24-year-old wife who used to stay in Ongata Rongai.

The suspect identified as Samuel Mbugua was arrested by police who laid an ambush at his home while he was trying to sneak in.

According to reports, Mbugua and his estranged wife identified as Faith Njambi had marital disputes between them before the deceased left her husband and moved to Rongai where she worked as an accountant for a supermarket.

Apparently, Mbugua travelled from Ndeiya to Ongata Rongai and to Njambi’s residence and stabbed her twice and fled the scene, leaving her for dead.

It took the intervention of neighbours who stepped in after seeing Njambi crawling in pain toward her door, appealing for help.

They rushed her to a hospital in Ongata Rongai before she was transferred to the Nairobi Hospital where she died while receiving treatment.

A report said that after Mbugua committed the heinous crime, he contacted Njambi’s elder brother named Stephen Kamanu and requested a meeting.

However, Kamanu did not want to meet Mbugua based on the increased tension between the suspect and his sister.

Mbugua is alleged to have sent a threatening text underscoring an impending dark event that was about to happen.

“Wait for breaking news. It will be sad for you and my family,” Mbugua’s text read.

He further told Kamanu he was tired of his talks being ignored and could not bear to hear or witness his son suffer and preferred dying with him.

“I am tired. I have been talking and only find myself talking to myself and since she has told me she has no need for me, I also cannot sit and watch or hear my son Jason suffering. I would rather we died together,” Mbugua said.

Mbugua later took to his Facebook account to leave a supposed suicide note to his friends and family.

"It is always sad, heartfelt to say goodbye to someone you love and I say goodbye to you all my friends and family, I will miss you so much and we will see one another again. God will always protect you and provide for you, till we meet again and I loved you," the Facebook post read.

The suspect was arrested at his Ndunyi home by Ndeiya Police Station-based officers at night then was taken to Tigoni Police Station before being transferred to Ongata Rongai Police Station where he was detained.

Police are still continuing with the investigations before the suspect is arraigned in court.