Two criminals who accosted a man on Monday morning bit more than they could chew when the man they attacked turned out to be a police officer in plainclothes.

The officer, Corporal Nahashon Mungai, who is based at Kiambu Police Station, hailed a motorbike to take him to GG Village in Thindigua.

Along the way, as they were headed towards Mungai’s destination, they picked a certain individual who claimed to be in distress.

However, when they arrived, the two men turned against Mungai and started raining blows and kicks on Mungai as they demanded all his money and valuables.

Things took a drastic turn when the officer whipped out his firearm and ordered the bodaboda rider and his accomplice to surrender.

The two criminals defied officer Mungai’s order and tried to escape instead, prompting the officer to use his firearm to immobilise the motorbike the criminals were escaping on.

After their getaway means were immobilised, the criminals were left with no alternative but to surrender.

Officer Mungai immediately arrested the two thugs and requested backup from Thindigua Police Post, which was nearby.

Police officers from Thindigua Police Post responded promptly, came along and took the two criminals into custody.