A foreign national of Slovenian descent was shot dead on Tuesday night during a robbery incident that occurred along Mombasa Road in Nairobi.

According to police and eyewitness, the 56-year-old Slovenian national named identified as Peter Virag was shot in the chest and died instantly of his gunshot wound following a confrontation with his assailants.

The deceased was in the company of his girlfriend and their driver at around midnight when the sad incident occurred after coming from Imara Mall for a night out.

Virag’s girlfriend and the driver said they were headed to their residence at the Greatwall Apartments in Mlolongo when the attack took place.

The party took a stop at some point along Mombasa road at the service lane somewhere close to the City Cabanas to let Virag take relieve the driver of his day’s duty as Virag’s girlfriend left them momentarily to answer the nature’s call.

While Virag’s girlfriend was still away, two gun-toting thugs appeared from the darkness and accosted Virag and his driver and demanded money and a mobile phone.

Virag reportedly resisted and reached for his wallet and threw it in the backseat of his car as he tried to ward off the criminals who had their weapon pointed at him.

His girlfriend came back and found the robbery going on and the driver pleading with the criminals to spare their lives.

One criminal holding the gun aimed at Virag’s chest pulled the trigger before reaching out for his phone and taking the Sh86,000 that was in his wallet.

The criminals also grabbed the woman’s wallet before fleeing back into the darkness as they came.

Virag’s girlfriend and the driver tried to offer firs-aid to Virag, but their attempts bore fruit as he lost his life.

A truck driver who witnessed the incident alerted the police of what had just happened and they came and recovered a pistol's empty magazine.

The police are yet to make any arrests in connection with the violent robbery.