The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has issued a statement addressing the issue of drainage in relation to the ongoing construction of the Nairobi Expressway and measures they are taking to make the traffic caused by the same less severe especially during this rainy season

This comes after a public outcry from motorists using Mombasa Road frequently and have experienced heavy traffic after heavy rains.

KeNHA has acknowledged that various ongoing works especially along the Nairobi Expressway have been affected.

“The Kenya National Highways Authority would like to bring to the attention of motorists that in light of the rains being experienced, various ongoing works pertaining to drainage, especially along the Expressway have been affected,” KeNHA said.

KeNHA said the situation has caused sections of Mombasa Road and Uhuru Highway to experience disruption of traffic flow because of the water drainage to the lower road.

“This has caused various sections along Mombasa Road and Uhuru Highway to experience disruption of traffic following water draining to the lower road. We regret for any inconveniences caused by this occurrence,” the authority said.

KeNHA has assured the public that contractors are working to complete the drainage systems along the expressway safely and promised that all the water harvested from the Expressway will be channelled properly.

“The contractor is working to ensure that the drainage, among other features of the Nairobi Expressway, are finalised and fixed is a safe manner for all motorists,” KeNHA said.

“All the water harvested on the Expressway will be properly channelled to designated drainage lines.”

KeNHA said according to the design, flood water will be channelled through trimmed downpipes, gutted downwards along with the pier caps and finally to U-drains below the soffit of the viaduct.

The authority also confirmed the final installation of the designed drain system is yet to be completed as works on the Expressway are still in progress.

According to KeNHA, the contractor has deployed extra work teams and equipment to focus on all outstanding works including the drainage system - targeting completion before the rains result in peak flows.

KeNHA urged motorists to exercise caution when driving through storm water in affected areas.

“As this goes on, we urge motorists to exercise caution when driving through the storm water in the affected areas even as the works are ongoing to resolve the situation,” KeNHA said.

A section of motorists has been complaining about the drainage along the newly constructed Nairobi Expressway.

The road below is usually flooded by water that is collected on the Expressway, making it difficult for motorists on the lower road to navigate through.