United Democratic Party (UDA) aspirants who lost in the party primaries now demand a repeat of the nominations.

The aspirants from Deputy President William Ruto's backyard Uasin Gishu County cited massive irregularities, including rigging and violence in some areas.

The aspirants led their supporters in protest to the UDA offices in Eldoret on Sunday and alleged that the few leaders who were declared winners illegitimately bagged the tickets.

Five candidates who were contesting for the Turbo parliamentary ticket alleged the incumbent member of parliament Janet Sitienei unfairly won the election.

They said the voting process was suspended in some polling stations following the burning of ballot boxes.

Led by Willy Korir and David Songok, the aspirants termed the exercise shambolic where there was a lot of voters manipulation witnessed.

"The nomination exercise we conducted was shambolic, they were not credible and there was a lot of voter manipulation and we call upon the party for a repeat of the nominations in the entire constituency because some votes from other words were burnt," they said.

Uasin Gishu gubernatorial aspirant Julius Bitok claimed the aspirants who won the primaries were already predetermined and believed the nominations were rigged in their favour.

"We reject the results because we believe the nominations were rigged in favour of several candidates. We are aware of many malpractices and we say that the results of these elections were predetermined much earlier even before the nominations," Bitok said.

Bitok told UDA party management that they have rejected the results of the primaries and it would not intimidate them into negotiations.

He maintained they want a credible process in Uasin Gishu.

" We want to call upon the party and say that we are not going to be intimidated, we will not accept any negotiations, we want free fair and credible nominations in Uasin Gishu county,” he said.

The aspirants warned the UDA party of their unspecified action should the party ignore their grievances