Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has found himself in a tight spot after he called a section of a crowd at a Kenya Kwanza rally in Kiambaa fools during a commotion that seemed to anger him.

Kabogo lost his temper when a section of the crowd was unsettled and seemed to heckle him as he addressed them as Deputy President William Ruto watched in his official vehicle behind him. 

Following the noise and movement in the crowd, the irate Kabogo was forced to pause his speech, in which he was drumming up support for Ruto started ranting and trying to bring the crowd into order.

“I have checked and seen that this man is fit. Is he fit or not? Show it by hand gesture…you stop the fracas…fools…stop the fracas. What are you trying to show us,” Kabogo lashed out while seemingly unhinged.

The former Kiambu Governor was interrupted when he was expressing his sentiment that the DP would clinch the presidency in the coming general election by trouncing Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

The incident brings back into focus Kabogo's run in with the members of the public given he lost the 2017 gubernatorial race to Ferdinand Waititu, who campaigned against him using the narrative that he allegedly insulted Kiambu women, a claim he denied.