Senior Principal Magistrate at Kehancha Law Courts in Migori County arrested after being nabbed with a minor at a lodging in Kaplong Centre in Bomet County has petitioned the court to stop his prosecution.

James Ongondo stated he was at a social function with his peers and intoxicated when the police officers approached and arrested him while retrieving his belongings from his car to go to the room he had reserved for the night at the establishment.

According to Ongondo’s account, he had tried to convince the officers that the lady who he was arrested for allegedly defiling was not a minor but was over the age of 18.

He said the officers revealed to him that the hotel’s owner filed a complaint against the magistrate.

Ongondo said the lady had been taking alcoholic drinks with him and his peers yet the establishment did not raise an issue about her age.

He said the staff who assisted him with reserving the room also did not raise an issue about the lady’s age.

The magistrate also claimed to have verified the lady’s true age through an Identity Card she had produced which indicates she is aged 22.

Ongondo, therefore, maintained that he had not broken any laws.

However, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is seeking to charge Ongondo for failure to honour marital vows.

Ongondo said he is a family man and suggested that he is being targeted for his strictness when matters come before him in court.

He said he is privy to information that some police officers swore to teach him a lesson.

“The applicant has also been receipt of several complaints, alleging that the has been quite harsh in his conduct with the 1st Defendant/Respondent -DCI as he does not entertain any excuses or actions intended to delay the prosecution of matters that are before him," reads court documents.