The former Governor of Kiambu William Kabogo has threatened to withdraw his support for Deputy President William Ruto if he does not commit their agreement in writing.

Kabogo revealed he had asked Ruto how the Mount Kenya region will benefit by his leadership and suggested his one man-one vote-one shilling model.

“I went to William Ruto I asked the same question. He said William, what do you think? And I told him I think as far as the mountain is concerned one man-one vote-one shilling would go a long way in alleviating poverty within our communities,” Kabogo revealed.

Kabogo said they agreed they would leave the counties as they are presently such that what every county receives becomes the minimum and any additional money would be shared according to the population.

Kabogo also emphasised that even though they agreed with Ruto about that but he now wants it in black and white otherwise he would change his mind.

“…and we have agreed but I want it in writing. I want it in writing and we have agreed. If he doesn’t do it in writing, then I may change my mind,” Kabogo said.

Kabogo’s assertions are likely to rattle feathers in Kenya Kwanza and withdrawal of his support would deal the formation an immense blow as Kenya Kwanza is aiming at consolidating support from Mt. Kenya region.