Police have detained a man who was arrested on March 19, 2022, for blackmailing Vihiga County Woman Representative Jackline Mwenesi Lukalo with intimate photos of her enjoying the company of young boys.

Tyson Wabuti Emitekho is being detained at Muthaiga Police Station for 3 days upon the request of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer John Kamitu.

Kamitu filed a miscellaneous application at the Milimani Law Court to have Emitekho detained for four days to complete investigations into the case. 

However, Magistrate Jane Kamau allowed only three days of detention.

Emitekho stands accused of sending threatening messages and nude photographs of the UDA aspirant to her before demanding money to keep the photos from circulating.

Apparently, the threats squarely got Lukalo who did not want her dirty linen to be aired in public and she sent Emitekho Sh5000 and gave him another Sh37,000 in cash.

“That the complainant showed me the nude photos that the respondent sent to her on WhatsApp and Twitter. The respondent went further to demand money. For fear of being exposed, the complainant sent Ksh5000 to the respondent and another Ksh 37,000 in cash,” Kamitu said.

Lukalo became tired of being extorted by Emitekho and reported the case at the Nairobi West Police post before reporting the same to the DCI for action.

Emitekho was also accused of sending obscene WhatsApp messages to Lukalo

Emihekho was charged with committing the offence of demanding property by written threats contrary to Section 299 of the Penal Code.