Starehe based Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers shot dead two criminals in Starehe.

The officers were responding to the latest incident of crime that had rocked Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighbourhood in the recent past.


A woman was robbed on Thursday night along Agoi Road in Pangani shopping centre.

The lady reported at the Pangani Police Station that criminals yanked gold-plated earrings off her earlobes and made away with them plus other belongings.


Police officers at the report office immediately alerted the Starehe based detectives who were out on patrol and they launched a manhunt for the two criminals who were on a motorbike.

Moments later, the officers came across the thugs along Dr Griffins Road and ordered them to surrender.


However, they defied the order and instead opened fire, marking the beginning of a fierce gun battle.

By the time quiet returned to the atmosphere, the two thugs were already gunned down.

The police recovered a revolver loaded with 6 rounds of ammunition was recovered from the criminals.


Ballistic experts at the DCI have linked the firearm to the spate of robberies that have been going on along Eastleigh’s Second Avenue.

Police also recovered the woman’s phone and other valuables that were stolen from her by the thugs.

Apparently, the motorbike the criminals used to get away had earlier been flagged as the same one which was used for the same purpose in another crime.