United Democratic Party has picked issue with parts of Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s speech he delivered at Chatham House on Wednesday.

Through its Director of Communications Hussein Mohammed, UDA issued a statement claiming Raila did not commit to unconditionally accept the presidential election results.

“Our attention has been drawn to unfortunate but expected remarks by Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga in his Chatham House engagement on Wednesday 16th March 2022, where he once again failed to commit to unconditionally accept Presidential election results: this time round, the August 2022 poll,” UDA said.

The statement further claims Raila issued veiled conditions for his acceptance of the will of the people.

UDA expressed its concerns, particularly about Raila’s use of certain words and clauses in his speech.

“Hon. Odinga issued veiled conditions for his acceptance of the will of the people. He was categorical that only “IF” the election is free and fair and he wins or loses will he accept the result. He again repeated, “SO LONG AS, its free and fair,” the statement continued.

According to UDA, the fairness or lack of, in an election is not and cannot be determined by any candidate’s subjective opinion of the results. Kenya has institutions to determine the validity of the election.

While delivering his speech, Raila affirmed he would accept the outcome of the forthcoming election if they were free and fair.

“We are hoping that this will not happen this time round. But we are of course monitoring the electoral commission and we have actually pointed out each areas that we're concerned that we want them to address to ensure that the process is free and fair. And we have actually said that if this is free and fair or we lose ah fairly. We will accept the result either way,” Raila said.