Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi has asked the spokesperson of the Raila Odinga 2022 Presidential Campaign and head of its Think Tank Makau Mutua for his blessings and his vote ahead of the August general election.

Havi has declared his candidature for the Westlands parliamentary seat and wishes to vie on DP William Ruto's UDA party.

Havi took to his Twitter account to share the light moment they had during a meeting on Saturday at the University of Nairobi.

“You need to vote for me and you also need to bless me…I have come to ask for your vote and your blessing,” Havi said.

Makau replied to Havi that they will talk about the same and wished him luck.

Later on in a tweet, Makau confirmed his best wishes for Havi and described him as a worthy opponent.

“My brother @NelsonHavi of course I wish you well because you are a worthy opponent. But our Azimio candidate will wipe the floor with you bright and early on August 9. The future of Kenya is BLUE!” Makau said.