Voice of America news anchor was gripped by potent emotions when she was interviewing Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday.

Ruto, who was on a trip to the US, was invited to the VOA studio for a political interview that was hosted by Esther Githui-Ewart, who is of Kenyan descent.

However, the DP found himself in a rather tight spot when Esther gnawed and demanded that Ruto gives her straight answers to her pertinent questions concerning Kenya’s moral fabric in relation to corruption and what he will do if he was to be elected president.

“Deputy president you are on the front lines in the churches we know where you stand with your faith what is wrong with the Kenyan fabric why are Kenyans so desperate to that level we read this news and we wonder what's going on with our motherland it is not good at all what are you going to do about it because you're running for the top seat on what grounds now if people cannot put food on the table people are committing suicide there's even incest in the families we gotta tell it like it is because that's what's happening in Kenya how are you going to address that because all we see is that little bickering of politicians while people are suffering yes there is covered that is global what is the problem with Kenya what's the problem with this high-level corruption what's the problem with not putting food on the table why can't we feed Kenyans why can't you feed Kenyans you're the leaders it's your responsibility answer me because I’m very emotional on that topic,” Esther posed.

The DP, who was caught flatfooted and seemed to hesitate before responding, acknowledged the situation was bad but refuted her claims that things had deteriorated to the desperate levels, instead telling not to trust the things she read on social media.

“Thank you very much Esther and I feel you yes to be able to diagnose the problem of Kenya in this interview we will not do justice to it. So I’m going to give you the broad picture. Things are difficult in Kenya but they are not as bad as you've described I think you've been reading the social media too much,” Ruto said.

Ruto also assured Esther the hunger situation in Kenya was under control even as she continued pressuring the evasive DP to give details on his plans for the country as his general answers did not seem to satisfy the Kenyan VOA host.

“Yes we have a situation that needs to be addressed yes and that situation is not out of control. I can tell you that yes we can deal with the problem of hunger in our country,” the DP said.