Businessman-cum-politician Jimi Wanjigi has presented himself at the Directorate of Criminal (DCI) headquarters following a summon by the directorate to surrender his firearms and rounds of ammunition.

Last Monday, Wanjigi was given 72 hours to report to the DCI headquarters otherwise a warrant of his arrest would be issued and would also be liable to prosecution.

“You are therefore required to surrender these firearms and ammunition to the undersigned at the DCI headquarters, Mazingira Complex, Kiambu Road within 72 hours from the date and time of delivery of this summons,” the DCI ordered.

According to the DCI, Wanjigi illegally had 10 firearms and over 480 rounds of ammunition in his possession and further stated Wanjigi did not have any firearm certificate.

Apparently, the 72 hours lapsed on Thursday and a warrant of his arrest was in the offing.  

Speaking to members of the press on Monday, Wanjigi who reported to the DCI’s Special Crimes Unit said he had honoured the summon and was waiting for directions from the officers.

This comes after he had earlier vowed to defy the summon and not surrender the guns and ammunition to law enforcement claiming his fundamental rights and freedom were violated.

“The DCI ordered me to surrender non-existent guns and 480 bullets. They have been maliciously violating my fundamental rights and freedom. I will not surrender to this abuse of law enforcement agencies for political purposes,” he said.