Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has said they are ready to teach diplomacy to leaders who have no idea what it is.

Kalonzo lectured Deputy President William Ruto over his unsavoury remarks alleging the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has no single cow.

The One Kenya Alliance (OKA) principal was speaking at a rally in Kisii County on Thursday where cautioned Ruto against scorning another nation even if he was the deputy president.

“You cannot take it upon yourself, even as the Deputy President to pour scorn on a nation…on African nation. We will teach these other fellows diplomacy, they have no idea,” Kalonzo said.

He noted some individuals may take leadership of the nation but cause problems and conflicts 

“You may take leadership of the country but cause problems and conflicts to your country. You cannot say Congolese wear they trousers above the waist, what is that? You are insulting a whole country. You are being scornfully abusive yet you are a leader?” Kalonzo posed.

He reiterated leaders should watch their mouths because it would not matter how many times they apologised.

“It does not matter even if you are going to say you are sorry 20 times, but sometimes leaders should watch what they say,” Kalonzo advised.