The Republic of Kenya has been forced to apologise to the Democratic Republic of Congo on behalf of Deputy President William Ruto over his no-cow remarks.


In an official statement issued to DRC, the Kenyan Embassy in DRC has acknowledged the remarks Ruto made during a political campaign trail in Nyeri.

“Attention has been drawn to the Kenya Embassy in Kinshasa, regarding remarks on DRCs agriculture sector attributed to Mr. William Ruto whilst on the political campaign trail in Kenya,” the statement read.

According to the statement, the Kenyan Embassy in Kinshasa has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the negative reactions Ruto’s remarks elicited among the business community and citizens of DRC.

“The Embassy has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nairobi on the negative reactions that the comments have triggered among the business community and general populace in the DRC,” the statement read in part.

Felix Tshisekedi and Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO/COURTESY

In the statement, Kenya reflected on the bilateral relationship the two countries have enjoyed since their independence of the countries.

“The Kenya Embassy wishes to reiterate that the Government and the people of Kenya share a deep and respectful historical relationship with the Government and people of the DRC. This relationship stretches back to the independence of our respective countries,” read the statement.


Kenya expressed its confidence in the entrenchment of the relations between itself and DRC through Government to Government frameworks and people to people partnerships that have been built over years.

Felix Tshisekedi and Raila Odinga. PHOTO/COURTESY
The Embassy of Kenya reassured DRC that the Government will continue encouraging citizens of both countries to continue building strong associations especially when DRC prepares to become part of the East African Community.

“The Embassy reassures the Government and people of the DRC that the Government of Kenya will continue encouraging the citizens of both our countries to continue engaging and building strong partnerships especially at this historic moment when the DRC prepares to join the East African Community,” the statement read.