A truck ferrying LPG gas burst into flames and caused serious damage to property worth millions on Sunday at Mutarakwa along Mai Maihu road.


The truck that was transporting the liquid gas to the Western region of the country initially had lost control, veering off the road and overturning, blocking part of the busy highway.

The driver of the track informed the management and the authorities who arrived at the scene at around 11 am and started the recovery process.

The plan was to have the tank lifted onto another truck that had come for the rescue.

The recovery process involved a crane that held the tanker in chains. 

As the crane was changing the direction of the tanker, it hit an object on its trajectory, forcing open a section of the tanker and spilling out its content.


The highly flammable liquid gas spilt out onto anything that was on its path and filled the atmosphere before it was ignited and exploded into flames.

The fire caught seven cars that were nearby and reduced them to piles of metal and seven people also sustained injuries as a result of the fire.

A witness said the fire brigade from Kiambu County arrived at the scene and only extinguished the raging fire after about an hour.