The parliamentary aspirant for Nambale Constituency Bernard Nandieki faced the most awkward moment of his campaign life.

This came after Nandieki who is a member of Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA party mistakenly campaigned for Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja at a UDA rally in Busia on Monday.

This happened in the full glare of the UDA leader, other leaders who were present at the rally and members of the public.

Nandieki was in the process of drumming support for UDA, the party through which he will vie for MP when he mentioned Azimio la Umoja in his speech.

His unintended message was received joyfully by the crowd who cheered him.

“I will be the MP for Nambale Constituency. So I am asking you on behalf of the people of Nambale to vote for Azimio ya Kenya Kwanza…,” Nandieki said.

Kenyans were amused by the aspirant’s speech and those supporting Azimio la Umoja said that it was a clear indication of what the region thinks.

A section of Kenyans has also said that Nandieki’s speech was not a mistake but a subtle message to the Kenya Kwanza brigade.