East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) member Florence Jematia was arrested on Wednesday morning.

Jematia was arrested at Westpark Estate in Nairobi for allegedly uttering inciteful remarks at a meeting on Sunday during a prayer meeting in Mochongoi Ward, Baringo South.

She was later driven to the Nairobi Area Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) offices where she was questioned.

Jematia was later driven to Eldoret DCI's office where she was meant to be questioned further over the case.

Florence Jematia. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Baringo County Security Committee summoned Jematia to record a statement, but she refused to honour the summons.

After the summons, Jematia went into hiding, prompting the police to launch a manhunt for the EALA MP.

According to Baringo County Commissioner Abdirizak Jaldesa, two other politicians who were present in the same meeting with Jematia had already recorded their statements.

Jaldesa said they have sufficient evidence to charge with incitement to violence.

“The MP has gone underground after we summoned her to appear before the committee. We have sufficient evidence to charge her with incitement to violence,” Jeldesa said.

Jematia, during her speech, said every household in Mochongoi to have a gun and wanted a paybill number established to fundraise for the purchase of guns and ammunition.

The area has been marred by clashes involving their Pokot neighbours.

“Today we want a paybill number and today I offer myself. We want a paybill number, we want to buy guns. Every household in Mochongoi to Baringo North…Before we leave this place with these vehicles, we want to establish a paybill number for buying guns and ammunition,” Jematia said.