State Counsel Kevin Gesire committed suicide under mysterious circumstances.

The 34-year-old officer attached to the Kitui County Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) was found hanging from his bathroom by his belt on Tuesday.

Apparently, Gesire had been partying with his friends before being involved in an accident on his way home on that fateful Monday night.

It is highly suspected that Gesire's accident may not have been an accident after all but a suicide attempt.

His failure to report to work at the Kitui Law Courts on Tuesday raised concerns among his colleagues.

Gesire’s neighbours alerted the police of what had happened and they went and broke into his house and found him dangling from his bathroom window.

According to his senior colleague Bonnie Okemwa, the deceased showed no signs of depression but he left behind a suicide note that pointed to a strained life.

In his suicide note, Gesire explained he was not happy for failing to qualify for a magistrate’s job after interviewing for the position in the recent exercise at the Judiciary.

“He left a suicide note that said he was unhappy for not clinching a job as a magistrate during recent interviews at the Judiciary,” Okemwa said.

Kitui Central Sub-county police commander Chrispus Ogutu said they are treating the case as a suicide based on their preliminary investigations.

Ogutu said the police have ruled out any malice in the death, citing the fact that the house was locked from the inside and a belt was found around his neck.

“So far, we are treating this as a suicide based on our initial findings, but a postmortem will be done before we conclude our investigations,” Ogutu said.

Gesire’s body was moved to Tribute Funeral Home in Syongila as police are continuing with investigations into his death.