Despite giving all indications for months that he would lead a 'NO' campaign against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Deputy President William Ruto has now said he is not interested in the campaign.  

Dr Ruto said he was not interested in the contest being touted in the quest by the BBI brigade to review the Constitution.

He said he was only interested in reasoning that would help give Kenyans an all-inclusive system of laws and asked for a focus on key issues affecting Kenyans.

“These are tough times. Countries are talking about the rolling out of the Covid-19 vaccines. Hence, we must finish up this referendum issue and take the country back to a transformation path,” he said.

The DP was speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Glory Twin Towers at the Jesus Is Alive Ministries in Starehe Constituency.

DP William Ruto with Bishop Margaret Wanjiru at JIAM on Sunday. PHOTO/DPPS 

“We are not available for a competition. Those threatening us and daring us to be in the ‘NO’ formation are wasting their time,” DP Ruto added.

He further rooted for Kenyans to be allowed to make their own democratic choices because they knew what was good for them.

A section of leaders led by ODM’s Raila Odinga and his allies have been daring Dr Ruto to lead the ‘NO’and challenge the BBI referendum at the ballot. 

His supporters have also been left confused after he changed tune on his bid to lead an onslaught against the BBI despite giving indications for a while that he would.