Organized criminal gangs in the city have gone notches higher in the manner in which they conduct their business.


This is evident as it was revealed in yet another criminal syndicate that involves unscrupulous individuals working at the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) recovered over 450 genuine motor vehicle logbooks in a city Cyber Cafe.

This came following an anonymous tipoff by a concerned citizen through their toll-free ‘Fichua kwa DCI’ hotline.


Two individuals were busted in a cybercafe in Ngara along Desai road.

This cyber cafe is the place where applications for logbooks take place just a few hours before an insider from NTSA delivers them.

The detectives also discovered that the brainchild behind the elaborate scheme is working in cahoots with officials at NTSA.

They also develop illegal affidavits and commissions them before sending them to their contacts at the NTSA who force transfers of motor vehicles.

The process of transferring motor vehicles is finalized within a few minutes without the owner’s knowledge.

The syndicate is also involved in motor vehicle engine swap. To ease and hasten the change of motor vehicle engines, the detectives established they develop falsified importation documents from an established car dealer and ETR receipts.


This makes it one of the most elaborate motor vehicle scams in recent days.

During the operations carried out by detectives drawn from the Criminal Research and Intelligence Bureau in collaboration with Nairobi regional command-based operation branch detectives, an individual who came to collect a logbook was nabbed.

A further investigation into the vehicle he was driving revealed disturbing information. His vehicle’s chassis number had been tampered with.

The two suspects who were arrested, namely Simon Musembi Sammy and Richard Otieno Ojwang’ are currently held in police custody as they assist police with investigations.

The police have launched an intensified manhunt for several suspects working at the NTSA.