ODM leader Raila Odinga has spoken for the first time about the chaos that marred Deputy President William Ruto’s rally in Kondele in Kisumu on Wednesday that the DP's allies have blamed on him and his party.

Speaking during an interview with a local media house, Raila distanced himself and his ODM party fromthe chaotic scenes witnessed as Ruto concluded his rally in Kondele dismissing those linking the violence to him.

Raila reiterated that the DP is free to traverse the country and sell his bottom up policies to the people as he pleases.

"I don't want to get into idle chatter, maybe I should talk about facts, Ruto is a Kenyan and he is allowed to walk around selling his policies," Raila said.

The former Premier revealed that the ODM Kisumu branch had a meeting prior to the DP’s visit where a statement was issued saying Ruto was free to visit Kisumu and sell his ideologies to its residents.

"Our party, the Kisumu branch issued a statement saying Ruto should be allowed to sell his policies like anyone else, without any disruption. The chairman of the ODM party Kisumu County Prof. Ayiecho Olweny announced that even the media houses announced the same,” he said.

While absolving his party and himself from the unfortunate Kondele incident, Raila asserted that he did not have any hand in the chaos and the DP does not intimidate him in any way politically.

“I am not a juvenile to organize people to pelt Ruto with stones, why would I do that?” he posed.

Raila noted that his visit to Eldoret, which is DP Ruto’s backyard was successful as he was welcomed by a multitude of people.

He cautioned politicians against speaking about matters that are likely to agitate people because some youth may react erratically.

“When addressing the public, desist from saying things that are likely to cause discomfort to a section of them because some may react in anger or other ways. That does not mean that Raila sent them no…no, because if you say things that will be considered as insults to some people then they will get angry,” he said.

Raila however said there is no problem because Kenyan politics is moving from one level to another and democracy is getting stronger.

UDA political leaders have been quick to blame Raila and his orange party for the stoning of some cars in Ruto's motorcade even as police revealed, in a statement on Wednesday, that a fallout between rival youths over logistics cash led to the violence witnessed.

Police, in the statement, also blamed the DP for ignoring intelligence indicating that there would be trouble over the facilitation cash.